New (and free) City Guides : a great new app for world travel


So you’ve just stepped out of your hotel in Marrakech and, you’re already lost…

Habitually connected via wifi and wireless data, we are dependent on apps (even in our own neighborhoods) to show us routes, suggest shops, restaurants and area attractions. When travelling, they could really come in handy. We have an answer!

You may be trying to ration your use of data roaming while on your vacation or business trip, and shortly (e.g. two steps from your hotel) you’ll question your ability to navigate a maze of little streets. Luckily for us world travellers, Trip Advisor has developed their City Guides app to save our trips and Smartphone bills – and it’s free!

The City Guides app gives nearly all the functionality of the regular Trip Advisor mobile phone app, but can work without an active internet connection. Before heading overseas you can easily download any of the 81 (and counting) City Guides which include maps (and transit maps), restaurant, hotel and attraction reviews, suggested itineraries, nightlife, shopping and more.

The best part: the app can still activate your phone’s location service without using a data connection so you can see that trusty little blue ball on your map to get your bearings. The location service is useful when searching for a restaurant or attraction, since it sorts items based on the distance from your current location. From the catalog of restaurants, shops and attractions offered by Trip Advisor you can conveniently save favorites to either plan out your trip in advance, or mark the places that you’ve visited to easily recall once you get back home.

If you have a Trip Advisor account, the app syncs with your profile once you return to an active data connection— keeping your digital info on the trip all in one place. Truly, the only item you’ll be missing is the ability to plan out your route. But with this app’s ability to display a map, show you your location and tell you the distance, it’s an easy sacrifice. Find out more on iTunes Preview, here: http://goo.gl/Usj71

by: Justin Montgomery